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Subject Well-Being Trademark Applications Booming
No 23 Name IP_Park Date 2004/08/10 17:12:11 Homepage
Well-Being Trademark Applications Booming

Riding the well-being wind blowing recently in our society, well-being trademark applications also are increasing sharply despite a severe slowdown in domestic demand and the economic recession. The applications are related to health foods, electric home appliances, food-service industries, etc.

Here, well-being trademarks consist of "Wellbeing" alone or emblems combined with well-being like "Well-being food," "Well-being chicken," and "Well-being electric home appliances."

According to KIPO statistics, well-being trademark applications, including service marks, numbered just 18 until 2002 starting with two cases filed in 1993. However, they increased rapidly from the second half of last year (seven in the first half, 49 in the second half) and reached 340 in the first six months of this year, representing a six-fold growth from last year.

By business sector, trademark applications (total 251) were concentrated on health-related goods with 80 cases (31.8%) for health foods such as organic farm and livestock products and teas/beverages, followed by 40 (16.0%) for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and 37 (14.7%) for functional electric home appliances.

Service mark applications (total 163) consisted mainly of restaurants, travel businesses and barber/beauty shops closely related to the five-day workweek system with 76 cases (46.6%). Those associated with sales and distribution of health and beauty-related goods such as functional electric home appliances or cosmetics numbered 35 cases (21.5%).

Meanwhile, Erom Life, specialized in health foods, has filed the largest number of well-being trademark applications(20) such as 'erom wellbeing water' and 'erom wellbeing air' for its water purifiers and air cleaners. Next was Lotteria with nine cases, including 'Wellbeing Fresh Chicken Crepe' and 'Wellbeing Fresh Green Salad.' Ilwha Co. filed eight applications like 'Ilwha Wellbeing House' for its ginseng and processed goods and Hanwha E&C also filed eight cases, 'Well-being Hanwha Dream & Green' for apartment construction, etc. KCR (Korea Composite Research) and The D&S filed seven cases each including 'Well-Being Town' for humidifiers and kitchen equipment and 'the Wellbeing life' for furniture, etc., respectively. Pasteur Milk also filed six cases, including 'Pasteur Wellbeing Yoghurt' for lactic acid bacteria drinks.

The sharp increase in well-being trademark applications came as a breakthrough in overcoming sluggish domestic demand for heath foods, functional home appliances and restaurant business-related products in accordance with the social trend of pursuing a healthy and abundant life and also as part of marketing strategies in expectation that well-being products would lead future industries.

The well-being hot wind is spreading to the pursuit of a healthy life and to raise the quality of life all the more with full-scale implementation of the five-day workweek system. Therefore, well-being trademark applications will likely continue to rise in the future, coupled with brisk start-ups in well-being-category business sectors.

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