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Subject Mobile Phone Battery Safety Spurs Patents
No 22 Name IP_Park Date 2004/07/05 12:29:53 Homepage
Mobile Phone Battery Safety Spurs Patents

Concern and efforts to improve the safety of mobile phone batteries is increasing as about 33 million people, about 70% of the total population of Korea, use mobile phones.

Mobile phone batteries can explode due to production defect or user misuse.

Explosion resulting from production defect includes generation of a high degree of heat due to constitutional changes caused by leakage of battery electrolyte or a current surge caused by short-circuit. Typical cases of user misuse include drying wet batteries in a microwave oven or using batteries that have been taken apart and reassembled without the proper expertise

To prevent mobile phone battery explosion, manufacturers inform users of the safe use of batteries, while pursuing R&D in technology related to prevention of battery explosion to reduce product defects, which leads to patent applications.

According to KIPO, a total of nine patent applications related to the prevention of battery explosion were filed in the 1996-1999 period, nine more in 2000, 15 in 2001 and 17 in 2002 for a cumulative total of 50.

By type of technology, 30 applications, or 60% of the total, were related to prevention of battery electrolyte leakage by improving battery structure and design integrated, 15, or 30%, were related to prevention of explosion by changing battery electrolyte and constitutional change, while 5, or 10%, were related to methods for recharging and discharging batteries.

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